5 definitions by madjackal

A girl that's so uptight and nasty that she feels the need to get on your case every single time you do something wrong.
That bitch ass ho yelled at me again today because I didn't take out the trash.
by madjackal May 02, 2004
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Any phrase spoken aload that has an unintentional sexual inuendo. Derived from the fact that everything John Madden says can be taken in a sexual way.
The following is a John Madden, spoken by the legend himself:

"Boy, there was some deep penetration in the backfield on that play!
by madjackal May 02, 2004
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To be ripped off or robbed. This usually occurs at gunpoint, but can sometimes be achieved by craftier methods.
I bought that bitch a gin and tonic and she just walked away. She rolled me for a drink, man.
by madjackal August 21, 2006
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A way of expressing cunt in text form without actually writing cunt. When read aloud, seaward becomes "c-word", the popular euphamism for cunt. An excellent way of calling someone a cunt, and making fun of them behind their back right to their face.
I can't stand hanging out with her anymore. She's such a seaward.
by madjackal October 15, 2005
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A nick-name (in chinese) for a man with one testicle. A phoenetic play on the phrase one hung low.
Hey Won Hung Lo, how'd your testicular surgery go?
by madjackal May 02, 2004
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