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OK first of all just because MD is diverse doesnt mean that everyone is trying to be ghetto like everyone one is saying infact most people who live in maryland are refined to there counties specific ways for example PG county is the ghetto of maryland and us from montgomery county are ashamed to be so close in proximity to them,each county is divided unless its PG or the other un-popular counties in maryland like the loser from hardford county....seriously no one cares about hardford county so they are allowed to have no shirt on when they are at a resturante and love corn (weird), Maryland is one of the best states to live in if you are in the right county for example montgomery county which is now number 1 in the ratings is very diverse and can also be a little racist and the people will get scared if they see a DC tag "rolling" up where bethesda and potomac are ( these are infact THE richest cities in the country..not greenwhich like everyone thinks but we love greenwhich) and where ppl from gaithersburg and germantown look up to them certain places are excepted by p-town ppl like wood-clife which is full of big homes and "The kentlands" where some of the areas news anchors live, montgomery county depending on where you are who your friends are and how you were rasied can actually be the spitting image of greenwhich a preppy county though instead of a preppy city for instance all that stuff about G-town not true infact those ppl are probally from criminal hood a place that should not be paid attention to because in maryland after P-town and betheda and chevey chase germantown is one of the most sought after places to live ....Maryland is not ghetto most of the ppl that live here are upper middle class or just plain middle class and of cousre where p-town, bethesda, chevy- chase and some parts of germantown are the upper class, but like i said before it can be really divided for example a school might be half rich and half poor dividing them like half the parking lot is full of mercedes and bmw's ( not only kids from p-town are rich) and one of old cadilcs and iron rusty cars and not all of it is just black and white for example i have a freind who is black and she is uber preppy lives in wood-clife and has a bmw knows almost everyone in p-town and drives down to georgetown to go shopping like most preps which is like all of montogery counties population like to do ....maryland is truly a wonderful place were you have to set your self up for a fantastic future and dc is a "mad" place to go shopping and even though there is a slight fued between real preps and fake preps in almost every coutny where there is an A&F and a J.Crew well it shows maryland is turly a splended place to live just with extremes the extreme wealthy that go to new york almost every weekend and know ppl in greenwhich and are just toalty rich and most likely preppy the middle class rockers who make fun of the fake preps thinking there real preps and the middle class ghetto kids who cant stand that black girl that acts white and the poor who walk the streets .maryland is truly a place where you can find yourself.
girl from greenwhich: so where are you from?
girl from maryland: im from maryland..
girl from greenwhich:(looks disgusted) really.....
girl from maryland: yeah im from hardford county
girl from greenwhich: ew....(walks away bumps into antoher girl)
girl from greenwhich:HI
girl from maryland#2:hi
girl from greenwhich: so where are you from?
girl from maryland#2: um .. maryland
girl from greenwhich:(looks disgusted) really.....
girl from maryland#2: yeah im from potomac omg r u going to wishlist i wanna go o and i need to stop at ralph lauren i orderd a limited edition purple polo andi need to pick it up.
girl from greenwhich:(looks relived) yeah sure im Liv Aderson u???

by madison Vicos April 14, 2006

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