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When you look at your past schoolwork/use Google to help you on a test or anything to do with school. It's not cheating.
Person 1: Why are you looking up the answers? That's cheating!

Person 2: I'm just using my resources!

Person 1: Oh, you're right!
Person 2: You should be using your resources too.
by maddytheweirdo April 23, 2020

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An awesome fabric company that carries a large selection of high-quality fabrics. Their Ecoshag faux fur is well known for the use of fursuit making.
BigZFabric is a great fabric company.
by maddytheweirdo April 05, 2020

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The ash that falls from the sky from all the fires constantly going on in California.
Person 1: Do you see all the ash falling? There must be a big fire!
Person 2: Yeah! You mean California snow?
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by maddytheweirdo August 19, 2020

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