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A slang term for wasting time. Originated from the game Modern Warfare, in which you can blow out windows and, if there are small pieces of glass still in the window frame, you can use your knife to slice out the little pieces. The activity does not have any point and is useless in the game, therefore it wastes time.
*on the phone*
Kyle: "Hey what's up?"
Blake: "Nothin, just slicing glass. I'm frikkin bored man."
by macaroninjesus June 29, 2010

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The feeling you get when you drink milk and it tastes like Jesus.
Chris: *drinks milk and almost explodes*
Brandon: "Dude what the f*ck was that?!"
Chris: "Sorry man I just had a milkgasm."
by macaroninjesus July 06, 2010

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verb - to tickle someone in the general area of the buttcrack. This action is used in many scenarios.
In order to get his cousin off of him, he had to tickle the taint.
by macaroninjesus June 29, 2010

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The entity that is the creator of existence itself. Were there no God, there would be nothing, an empty void full of nothing but sadness and despair. God is the reason you are able to have fun with your friends, feel love for another, have your first kiss, get your first 100 on a test, listen to your favorite music, debate and discuss, touch, taste, feel, hear, smell, think, act, have ideas, the reason you can live.
I believe in God. Do you?
by macaroninjesus July 01, 2010

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