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My Life is What?

This is a website where there are posts from MLIA (My Life is Average), FML (F* My Life), and TFLN (Texts From Last Night).
From MLIW:

Today, the shy girl in my class decided to bring a cake to share with everyone, since it was her birthday. Excited about the cake, I got everybody to sing "happy birthday" for her, only to realize too late that nobody in the class know her name, myself included. FML

(651): I just saw a dude sitting IN a bush, weeping and playing a harmonica. I hope your day is going better than his. TFLN

Today i went on mysteryseeker.com to see what my mission was. It was " your mission is to GET OFF THIS SITE AND JUST BE THE NINJA YOU ARE!" i love this mission. MLIA
by luya<3~ September 22, 2011

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Short for: My Life is Pirate

Pirate stories. That's all.

Is your life pirate? Do you have a story about being pirate? Do you just like pirate and have something to say about them? Then post your stories here.

(A twist to My Life is Ninja where people post ninja stories.)
Today, I made the realization that when people say you have ninja skills after catching something you dropped it should be pirate skills. Why? Because ninjas don't drop things, but Pirates do after a few drinks and its our ability to catch falling rum bottles that allows us to catch things...MLIP

My life is not ninja. MLIP

Google LOL limewire and press I'm feeling lucky. EPIC PIRATE EXPERIENCE!!! MLIP
by luya<3~ April 17, 2011

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Short for: My Life is Ninja

People come on this website to enter their ninja stories of the day.
Tubing with friends on three tubes behind a speed boat. One guy there I really didn’t like. At one point, there was slack in the tow lines, and when they went tight, I was launched off my tube, did a 720 through the air over the tube in between us, and landed perfectly on the other guy, then knocked him off into the water. MLIN.
by luya<3~ April 17, 2011

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