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when j00 pwn a nub u sai lolnub
nub gets powned up der assen
u: lolnub
by lolpwnclown January 06, 2005
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You pwn someone and you say lolpwn
Me: *pwn*
Noob:*gets pwned up der assen*
by lolpwnclown January 06, 2005
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a clown that lols and pwns at the same time
lolpwn i pwn u
you: waaaa
lolpwnclown: rapes u up der assen
you: yay
by lolpwnclown January 09, 2005
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An aging horny white obese male, 5,3, white beard and moustache, supposedly artificial, is reported to come into every North American, rich middle-to-upper class white household, and givs them presents on account of being good. However if so is not the case, and if there are members that were acting naughty, then he strips down naked, and climbs into children/hot daughter/wife/and or mother's beds while giving them a wet orgasm and rubbing their insenuous body parts with aspercreme. He is reported to abduct some of the members and lock them away in a cage on his ranch in Fall Springs, PI
BE good or Michael Moo..err Satan will get you
by lolpwnclown January 07, 2005
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