65 definition by lol

a died animal on the side of the road
god clean up that shanye.
by lol January 27, 2005

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Blue broom, a plumb and jazz music, need i say more
"Here's a broom, now take a plumb and some jazz music and lol up your mind state."
by Lol May 06, 2003

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the act of a policeman biting your neck
you were lped by that policeman
by LOL October 23, 2003

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the thing in my hoodie pocket
by lol September 16, 2003

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when a guy is really hard over a girl and is leaking sperm
he was so jacked off his pants were soaked and you could seehis dick
by lol December 03, 2003

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the record label ur hatin cause p.didy owns it, and he got money, money to wipe his ass with, and ur hatin for that.
fuck off hatez.
by lol November 01, 2003

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T3h 1337 DF pl4y3r
OMFG GundamXXX shot a Scout @ Corporal xD
by Lol May 24, 2004

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