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the act of sex; making love
Sally was very tired after she and S.B. finished their bedroom antics. He was such a good lover she always felt relaxed and happy for hours.
by lilredvxn June 10, 2005
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Usually said with exasperation. Means that the person is fed up with something and wants it to stop.

Can also be shortened to with the...
KID: mom mom mom, i want this toy, can i have it please? Mom, MOM, can i have it please??? PLEASE, mom, mom just let me have it!! Can I?

MOM: NO! Enough with the begging!!!!!
by lilredvxn June 10, 2005
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1. the state of being so crazy or odd that it's fascinating to watch.

2. when several crazy or odd things or people occur in an un-ignorable group
1. Casey's dancing was freaktacular; his arms flailed, his head bobbed and twitched, and his legs bent like Gumby.

2. The Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco, CA has a lot of people who run in costume, lingerie and even totally nude! It's always a freaktacular.
by lilredvxn June 21, 2007
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The language created by the entries in the Urban Dictionary.
Joe: That was a hyphy show dawg, Rhianna's booty was straight kickin'.

Mary: Oh, you mean the concert was great! Yeah, Rhianna's got a nice figure...sorry, I'm not used to urbonics.
by lilredvxn September 11, 2007
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a short way of saying enough with the... meaning you're tired of something.
>l337n00b< spam spam spam spam
>surfer< please stop spamming
>surfer< STOP!!! jeez...with the spamming!
by lilredvxn June 10, 2005
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