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politically correct term for urban slang, replacing the term "ebonics" which alledgedly derives from the word "ebony" with "urban"
I don't speak Urbonics and whatnot, I don't get "jiggy" with it.
by skuz bucket June 04, 2006
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1.) the correct term used to describe urban slang. 2.) the specific accent and pronunciation of words spoken in an urban environment. 3.) not ebonics (black slang) 4.) a modern evolutionary form of english linguistics.
'dis' instaed of 'this', 'dat' instead of 'that', adopted from old southern english. Likely shortened for ease of communication and/or code for illegal actions. 'nose-candy' instead of 'cocaine', '5-O' instead of 'police officer'.

"Why on earth use urbonics when noone can understand a single word coming out of your mouth? Thank science we have the urban dictionary"
by de duece non sequitur April 06, 2008
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Things headed shitward once world started speaking Urbonics.

"Hooked on Urbonics! It worked for me!"
by Shitward January 21, 2020
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The language created by the entries in the Urban Dictionary.
Joe: That was a hyphy show dawg, Rhianna's booty was straight kickin'.

Mary: Oh, you mean the concert was great! Yeah, Rhianna's got a nice figure...sorry, I'm not used to urbonics.
by lilredvxn September 11, 2007
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The complete opposite of ebonics. A language spoken by white urban people, not ghetto scum who hang on the street selling crack and stealing white t-shirts from Wal*Mart. Also not spoken by kidiots who play video games or watch anime all day long.

Not what you want it to be, because I am the originator of the word, from the day the word ebonics was first spoken (1995). So... FOOK OOF!
____ said "!@#$ that ebonics bull shit... mixing words together and telling us what's politically correct. I vote we start a new language called urbonics."

Mo: LMAO, Caucasian phrasin'
by strEt-Ys December 11, 2010
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