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A really popular drink among depressed teenagers. Shit taste way better than the cocaine they put in the Coke you’re drinking. Well, drink’s filled with pure chemical, but after all, why not risk your money for that WW1 chemical taste baby, plus a ticket to the hell you’ve always wanted to! It’s a good deal kids
P1: “Hey i heard John just bought some bleach
P2: “Oh damn i can’t wait to get my hand on that sweet drink tonight lol”
by lightblueToast June 28, 2020
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Overpriced shits that treats you like a terrible person. Every update, they didn’t even change anything. Worst of all, the battery probably end faster than the relationship between you and anyone else. But hey, at least the OS isn’t that bad isn’t it?

Yeah ask the memes.
P1: “Omg you heard that guy’s getting an Apple (product)?”
P2: “That thing is BS LOL”
by lightblueToast June 28, 2020
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