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Dave must be Bored !
Look at all of Dave's Definitions LOL!
by life September 19, 2004

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lifeform the most sexy and brainy guy on the net all the women fall at his feet and the guys beg to be him
omg its him look LIFEFORM
by life May 18, 2004

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Daves going for the World Record
Look at all, of Dave's Definitions!!
by life September 29, 2004

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Blue Jean Lady, Pirate Smile, Pretty
Sung by none other than Elton John!!!!!!!
by life October 07, 2004

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Peanut head rapper from Chicago
Lil Reese is Trash
by Life May 04, 2014

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life can be full of crap or
full of fun or laughter
life is what you make it
by life September 09, 2004

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