4 definitions by liban

Guy 1: Our greatest ally spied on us? That's because they're the greatest country in the world! The secrets they stole and sold to China are obviously for self-defense!
Guy 2: You have Jew Syndrome.
by liban July 12, 2020
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the number of genders there are
Guy one: how many genders are there?
Guy two: two.
by liban March 18, 2021
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slang term for whats up? or what are you up to.
dwayne: what you sayin
liban: chillin my nigga, bout you?
dwayne: same here
by liban May 31, 2006
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A well known and annoying Polandball user on iFunny that can't draw anything.
Slovakiaball called me a retard after I tricked him into calling his own friend a retard.
by liban July 17, 2018
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