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practical joke gone tragically wrong. fearing their daughter might one day occupy a position of high moment, strategic importance and international infamy, the reverend and mrs john and angelena rice gave to their only child a name of such improbable ugliness and unwieldly, supurfluous vowel usage as to cauterize any chance of success in public life. sadly, the world now knows their daughter condoleezza as the highest ranking bunifa extant, house negro (see; malcom x's definition), accomplice and willing tool of the criminal george bush regime.
mamma; gastroniquia, where my popeye chicken at?
bunifa; condoleezza done et it up with marss dick chainie
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
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The frothy white mixture that collects at the corner of someones mouth. Condi also works.
Sometimes when I smoke pot, I get a bad case of condoleezza.

Girl, clean up your condi.
by DaddyJr January 14, 2011
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