6 definitions by ledbatz

"I do say, that new student is quite haughty and insolent, quite the jack-a-napes."
by ledbatz February 29, 2008
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A tiny man/gator who lives in the woods of east Tennessee, under old wooden bridges, and is kin to trolls. When it's dark outside he runs up to you, shakes your leg, and then runs off.
"I just got shook by a moten gator." "Did you see him?" "No, he just ran off."
by ledbatz February 29, 2008
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A bondage chick who likes to wear pony gear like blinders, a bit, and a fake horse tail.
That chick likes it rough, she likes bein' my pony girl.
by ledbatz February 02, 2006
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The school that dope rappers have to send the lame-ass posers back to, so they can study on how to rhyme and flow like tha pros. Coined by rapper Ledbatz, 2005.
This n****'s flow is whack. Send him back 2 dope whack skool.
by ledbatz September 09, 2005
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An affidavit used in a court case or administrative proceeding which takes substantial liberties with the truth, and contains gross exaggerations or over-simplifications, or is missing significant relevant facts needed to render the document genuinely truthful.
"He would never have gotten out of paying child support if not for that trumped-up daffy-davit his boss wrote."
by ledbatz February 29, 2008
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A really old kind of wood that was used in antique furniture. Take it from an old-timer guys, if you get a chance to buy some for your "crib", do so.
You can brag to your woman something like this. You: "did you know that this end table is antique, made of genuine wormy chestnut?" Her: "Really, you must know a lot about antiques." You: "Well, you know, i just find them fascinating, and they are so much higher quality than the new furniture." Her: "I know, right?" (Knowing stuff about furniture always impresses the ladies.)
by ledbatz November 09, 2009
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