16 definition by laurie

fresh fish stuck in the net
How Fresh is this Fishnitz?
by laurie March 19, 2005

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variation of words like "dumbass" "dumbfuck" and "dumbshit." Means someone stupid or someone who does stupid things.
"Why did you call the cops, dumbcrap?!"
by Laurie March 21, 2005

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meaning really excited
omgod!!!! i am so ravin to this weekend!!
by Laurie January 20, 2005

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Name: a bus girl: from the latin word "bussus" meaning people mover shortened to the english word Bus, also from the italian word "raggazi" meaning girl.
Defintion: 1)To be loud, repetitive, and fall over. 2)To get on the 587 last every afternoon 3) to make up code names for everyone whom catches the aforementioned bus and accidently let slip the made up name for them example "Sarah, I just poked dawson with my hokey stick!" when doing this you must yell loudly.
"Oi sexy!"
"Oh Paul hold me!"
"Excuse Me"
"These are my favourite shoes"
"Mousse, mousse"
by Laurie April 26, 2005

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a person who 1 has no friends, n 2who i geeky!
(all u'd need to say is)ha ure beadle! nuff said
by laurie November 27, 2003

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A ho's cum. Could also mean a chick's cum, but only if she's a dirty ho.
Shit! There's hocum all over my sheets!
by Laurie November 27, 2002

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the fruit of a fine gentleman
he has the most unforbidden anatomy tool
by laurie March 29, 2005

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