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Commonly used on MSN Messenger and other chatting websites, 'yh' is the new term for 'yeah'.
"Are you a female?"
"yh, I have blonde hair"
by larc February 18, 2005

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1. Musical band constructed in America, containing multi talented Dave Grohl, who can play several musical instruments. He is occupied by the rest of the group, who have earned a glowing reputation.

2. Maybe not as intriguing for some people, none the less, a ‘Foo Fighter’ was a type of Japanese fighter plane aimed to interfere with enemy’s ignition systems in battles. These planes were silent, and never engaged in hostile action. However, when not discovered, many people and scientists alike claimed they were Unidentified Flying Objects which paraded the sky during night time.

Musical band, and an Aircaft.
by larc September 07, 2004

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A community plagued with false identities, and incompetent moderators. You get to mix with the socially inept, and the stereotypical looks, to the unusual attitudes and the Habbo proclaimed legends, the Habbo Staff, who are loved because of their unique shiny badge. But the most indecent act, their scheming efforts to drag money out of pre adolescent teenagers, who incidentally, find it hard to obtain weekly cash as it is. Sometimes, you even get judged by your look off some prejudice room owner, offering a wild party.

But why do I visit? It’s something I enjoyed doing, until I realized I was idiotic enough to give my money, which I earned off the company I work for, and fund it back into Habbo Ltd. However, it does offer a exclusive chatting experience. Weather it’s to send malicious threats through the blue question marks, or to insult the Ineffectual moderators with random, childish insults, it does get disturbingly addictive.

However, Habbo is probably the most established chatting website on the net. It gives you the chance to interact with other people around the world. Indeed you get the self proclaimed pessimists, such as myself, who dislike the habbo staff because of their money making schemes and antics. But it still manages to attract over 5,000 visitors on certain hours, and has over 5 different hotels running in different countries. That though, is an achievement.

But if you join the Habbo Club you'll have better clothes and furniture for your rooms!

They are pulling you in.
by larc September 07, 2004

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(n)- A guy popular among other men, not women.
Guy 1: I get all the ladieeees!

Guy 2: Alright, you fkin stunt.
Guy 1: Says the Gay stud...........
Guy 2: Y___Y Introduce me to some women...
by Larc March 18, 2012

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