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butyl acetate, inhalant, comes in small brown bottle inhale the fumes out but very small watch out. its stupid dont do it not worth paying for.
"you want a hit of rush?"
by lamer April 1, 2003
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To over take another user/lamer/network/AP/PC with hacking and attack methods
Dumbass Lamer was using default passwords and his ass got own3d
by lamer November 23, 2002
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The act of rubbing an Item on your genitalia for malicious or humorous reasons.Similar to Stink Palm
I wonder if he enjoyed using his optical mouse after I chubbed it?!!
by lamer October 4, 2002
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Family Memeber who leeches off other family members all the time
Jack is straight chupacabra nowadays, its time to kick his ass out!!
by lamer October 5, 2002
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A Special Form of HydroPhonic Marijuana. Very Powerful who's effects last very long
What you wanna smoke the nugs of Chronic, or some bomb ass mugs of cush?
by lamer October 4, 2002
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Phreaker/Hacker who has no real skills, but talks alot.
that fuuulll just got own3d nasty..lets see how long it takes that lamer to find out?
by lamer October 4, 2002
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