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On Chair Stifling Laughter. The thing you do when you'd rather be rofl, if it wasn't for your manager looking over your shoulder or your parents thinking you're studying.
A: dude...you look like someone stuffed a banana in your ass and mouth at the same time!!!
B: can't help it man...i'm OCSL at (insert fav funny site here)!!! this is the shit!!!
by krist0ph3r September 07, 2009

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rolling on the floor laughing my ass off till tears came out of my eyes and snot came out of my nose
(in a chat window)

a: dude...check this out!!! <insert super funny link here>
a: (5 minutes later) you there?
b: (15 minutes later) DUDE!!! ROTFLMAOTTCOOMEASCOOMN!!! OMG OMG!!!
by krist0ph3r April 19, 2009

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using a feature of something (device, website, etc.) for a purpose it wasn't meant for, to the point where it irritates other people.
Having conversations in the comments section of someone's facebook photo is classic feature abuse.
by krist0ph3r January 29, 2009

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common standards of etiquette to be followed on facebook...can vary from person to person, but generally held by consensus.
d00d! you just deleted my birthday pics from your facebook...and i don't have a copy! where's your facebook manners?
by krist0ph3r October 29, 2009

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German abbreviation for "und so weiter", meaning et cetera. Used when you want to put a lot of geeky acronym disclaimers at the end of your mail/message.
You could use the thingamajig with the whatchacallit and it should work fine. Never tried it myself though. IMHO, YMMV, USW.
by krist0ph3r October 21, 2009

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