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The Citadel is and always will be the toughest military academy out there. People give it a bad name (some of it is probally fair) but it is still the hardest out there, and it takes a brave (or crazy) person to give up 4 years of their life to be here. No matter what others say, Charlie Company reigns supreme.
Some say it sucks to go to The Citadel, but it is awesome to be from The Citadel.
by Knob December 01, 2004

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Farts that are frequent, unusually stinky, and often times accompanied by shit stains in your thong.
My wife has horse farts.
by KNOB February 05, 2004

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'slang' nutsack, ballsack, applebag, etc.
"get your cheesy chickenbag outta my face asswipe!"
by KNOB February 05, 2004

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i haxx0rz j00 nobs a11 d4y N0BS!!!
by knob October 30, 2003

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