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Adj. A describing word. used to catergorize certain ethnic groups
Sambo was a lazy coon,
who went to slepp in the afternoon,
so tired was he,
Oh! So tired was he,
he was lying on his back when along came a bee,
a fucking great bumble bee etc.
by kkk March 31, 2005
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One of the three MkIII models sold in Japan. It came with the 1JZ-GTE, an inline 6, 2.5L DOHC twin turbo producing 280hp at the crank in its stock form. The body design was progressive and is still heralded by many as the best looking Supra even in this day and age. JZA70 was vastly improved over the MA70. See MA70 for more information.
The JZA70 cannot be touched by the MA70
by kkk December 08, 2003
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A jewish guy who has many children and thus has a van. As he goes out to cheap dinners he fills his van full of his children. HEnce the name JEW VAN.
ISHMAL: come here my 15 children we are heading to the jew van
by kkk March 29, 2005
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A jewish person who is extremely cheap. He tends to wear the same underwear and slothes for weeks. He picks up the breadcrumbs as to not waste any food. HE never ever donated to charity.
poor white guy: Hey can i get a dime?
Jew: No
Poor white guy: Damm yous a cheap jew!
by kkk March 29, 2005
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