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A "smart" towel manufactured by Tynacorp in the Paramount cartoon series South Park, Towelie is a computer-equipped, sentient, walking, talking, blue Bathroom Towel.

Towelie is also a rather heavy marijuana user, and makes no secret of it.

Most Memorable Moment:

Towelie: "Don't preach to me, fatso!"
Cartman: "I can preach to you all I want 'cause your stupid!"
Towelie: "Your stupid!"
Cartman: "Yeah, but your a towel!"
Towelie: "Your a towel!"
Cartman: ".............................."
Oh no, not Towelie...
by kjun1_3 February 06, 2011

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This theory is a favorite of theists. It says that life is simply too complex to have developed via natural selection or random mutation. However...

- on July 11, 2002, scientists artificially re-created polio. Using only the DNA of the polio virus and a series of synthetic chemicals, they recreated the natural desire to reproduce, the ability to evolve, and all other mechanisms that make a virus, LIFE, work.

- the bacterial flagellum argument has also been disproven. Back in 1996, scientists found that the 10-part "Type 3 secretion mechanism" that pathogenic germs have is very similar in function to the bacterial flagellum, but does so with only 10 parts. Therefore, each supposedly "irreducible" mechanism is perfectly functional if you take away the RIGHT parts. It is still reducible.
- the Eye argument has also been disproven. All you need are some simple photo-receptive cells that just detect light. As the species ages, this mechanism becomes more and more useful as these traits develop into actual senses. Keep in mind that these mechanisms had countless opportunities to develop across countless species during the Cambrian Explosion 500 million years ago, and have been getting more and more complex over that amount of time.

Sorry for using science and fact, but keep in mind that if you make a claim, there's always someone willing to check your facts.
Complexity does NOT necessarily indicate design. Irreducible Complexity is BULLSHIT!
by kjun1_3 February 06, 2011

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Hot women have a very strong social skill set because, being hot, they automatically get lots of male attention and are very good at spotting bullshit and fakers.

Normal men do not have such a strong skill set due to shyness, hence they have a very slim chance of success with hot women who see right through their bullshit and proceed to either shoot them down or use them.

A Pickup Artist is a man that DOES have this social skill set due to the sheer amount of time he has spent interacting with women, but has done so through determination and hard work.

Pickup artists, like the rest of us, enter relationships to have sex. However, pickup artists realize that they are in high demand AND have the skills necessary to start a new relationship before one gets too serious

A Douchebag is an attention-whore who uses similar methods for personal gain only, with no regard for how the woman feels.

For this reason, REAL pickup artists follow a "leave them better than you found them" rule.
Erik von Markovich is a world-renowned Pickup Artist.
by kjun1_3 February 14, 2011

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