6 definitions by killer cheese wedge

mushrooms that get one high. Supposedly non adictive. And now for the mindless rant of... the magic mushroom
forest goodies
fungus amungus (Incubus, go get it!)
jungle joo-joo bees
trip'n toadstools
nature's narcotics
by killer cheese wedge March 06, 2003
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A lesbian that sells her body (and shoes) on the local corner. Usually the bus stop corner.
Holy Mother of Crap on a Pogo Stick, That is one DYKEY WHORE over there next to the shmoe!
by killer cheese wedge February 23, 2003
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a. To dance like one knows what he/she is doing but really can't even tap to a simple beat.

b. to purposly look like an idiot for a quick laugh.
a. Look at that white boy get stupid try'n to cha-cha slide.

b. I win! I win! get stupid! (start spazzing and do the monkey at the same time)
by killer cheese wedge February 24, 2003
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tripping, or spazzing over something said or something taken
he's been tweek'n out ever since his g/f dumped him.

one hit of this shit and you'll be tweek'n for 2 hours
by killer cheese wedge February 24, 2003
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