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The strange, scary yet oddly alluring alter ego of Baz. Commonly found wearing a pink tutu (and enjoying it too) and moaning about things of a political nature that s/he doesn't really understand.
Communism is a fervent passion of Bazina and so is arguing.
Aka Minor King, The Princess, that bloody Labour supporter and The Beater Of Women.
Bazina played the leading role in an extremely disturbing homage to Billy Elliot
by KillB October 09, 2011

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DrunkBear resides in Antwerpen, Belgium (aka BANTWERP!) and is a thoroughly nocturnal animal. As the name suggests, he loves to drink heavily and regularly, and has the distinction of being chunder free.

DrunkBear is characterised by a complete personality change after consuming alcohol: he becomes highly sociable, a crazy dancer and fantastically uninhibited.

DrunkBear also begins to share some of his personal feelings (that are usually locked in the deepest darkest recesses of his mind) while inebriated and even dares to make (as yet unfulfilled) promises.

DrunkBear’s favourite drinks include Kwak, Konig, Jaegerbombs and Duval, but any old beer or spirit will do when DrunkBear’s out on the town. Less preferred beers are Timmermans and Stella, the latter because DrunkBear already likes to beat women and so doesn’t want to become even more of a misogynist.

Oddly enough, DrunkBear, even after ten pints, is still not inclined to wear a pink tutu or to dance for prolonged periods with certain people, but his lackadaisical behaviour more than makes up for this.

All in all, DrunkBear is the typical British LAD, and reaches astronomically high levels of banter and pars harder than even Tempz himself.
There was StealBear, and BrowneBear, and WarBear, and KillBear, and DrunkBear…

Person 1: “DrunkBear, do you want another pint?”
DrunkBear: “No, I’d like another six please!”
by KillB November 07, 2011

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A tuner car that is typically 4 cylinder turbo that is putting out a lot of power and doesn't look like it (can be stock look or rice). There are many cars that can be V8 bait, the most common are Mitsubishi Evolutions and Subaru STIs. Although, even Honda Civics or similar type cars can be made into V8 bait with the right parts and tuning.

These cars due to appearance get V8 owners into thinking they could win a race against the V8 bait, when in reality they would get beaten very badly.
"Haha some guy in a IROC-Z Camaro tried racing Jake's V8 bait STI on the interstate yesterday. The dude honked and tried to floor it past him and Jake left him in the dust."

"That little Civic looks so unassuming until you see the turbo under the hood. That's some serious V8 bait."
by killb February 08, 2012

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Snugglesluts are generally female, generally in their mid to late teens and generally of an insipidly sociable nature.
Snugglesluts prey on members of the opposite sex to 'snuggle' with. Said snuggling is commonly understood to include just about anything of a sexual nature, no matter how perverted or disgusting, but snugglesluts will, as a rule, deny this fact point blank.
Snugglesluts will engage in 'snuggling' regardless of their relationship status, and will snuggle with as many as fifteen different victims at once.

Prey are generally boys younger than them, but the snuggleslut is versatile and will even snuggle with old men if circumstances demand it.
Person 1: "HJ was snuggling with XY for two hours yesterday, even though she's going out with CW!"
Person 2: "What a snuggleslut..."

Person 1: "Did you have sex with WM?"
Snuggleslut: "NO! How dare you! I just snuggled with him!"
*snuggleslut leaves in mock horror*
Person 2: "She's obviously a snuggleslut."
by KillB October 21, 2011

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