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DrunkBear resides in Antwerpen, Belgium (aka BANTWERP!) and is a thoroughly nocturnal animal. As the name suggests, he loves to drink heavily and regularly, and has the distinction of being chunder free.

DrunkBear is characterised by a complete personality change after consuming alcohol: he becomes highly sociable, a crazy dancer and fantastically uninhibited.

DrunkBear also begins to share some of his personal feelings (that are usually locked in the deepest darkest recesses of his mind) while inebriated and even dares to make (as yet unfulfilled) promises.

DrunkBear’s favourite drinks include Kwak, Konig, Jaegerbombs and Duval, but any old beer or spirit will do when DrunkBear’s out on the town. Less preferred beers are Timmermans and Stella, the latter because DrunkBear already likes to beat women and so doesn’t want to become even more of a misogynist.

Oddly enough, DrunkBear, even after ten pints, is still not inclined to wear a pink tutu or to dance for prolonged periods with certain people, but his lackadaisical behaviour more than makes up for this.

All in all, DrunkBear is the typical British LAD, and reaches astronomically high levels of banter and pars harder than even Tempz himself.
There was StealBear, and BrowneBear, and WarBear, and KillBear, and DrunkBear…

Person 1: “DrunkBear, do you want another pint?”
DrunkBear: “No, I’d like another six please!”
by KillB November 07, 2011
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