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act like your gonna teabag a girl, and put your balls in her eye sockets, and your dick over her nose
While drunk, Ken performed the ravens mask on Spada
by kdub September 22, 2003
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The best thing other than off da hinges, just add a bojangles. Originated in Philadelphia, by Kiwan W.
Yo dat girl donkey off da hinges bojangles

yo dat movie was of da hinges bojangles
wen she started suckin my dick, dat shit was off da hinges bojangles
by Kdub June 21, 2004
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pinp as hell, something thats mad legit
Damn, that Ken sure is a boos moss mutha fucka
by kdub September 22, 2003
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when something of yours(i.e. your life) is made horrible.
Ken-dude, i'm gonna kick this kid mike's ass
Chris-make sure to make his life as bunk as possible
by kdub December 15, 2003
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Probably one of the greatest girl's you could ever meet, she is one of the bestest friends ever, although she likes to go to camp and abandon her friends for the whole summer, she actually does show she cares about them by the thigns she says and does when she is around
Kortni maguire is always supportive, always willing to have fun,has a great sense of humour and is always a blast but she dissapears for the whole summer.
by kdub August 04, 2004
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The common reason for Mrs. Wicklund to be in a shitty mood
yo, mrs wicklund, do you have a sandy vagina or something?
by kdub September 22, 2003
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when the giner is a bit sandy, for various reasons
Damn yo, I've got crazy sand-in-the-vagina, i don't know what to do about it.
by kdub September 22, 2003
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