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An attractive, nice, emotionally stable man who invests in himself typically starting in the physical self.

This person uplifts others and supports them emotionally at gyms for example or is quite kind as a person.
Person 1: Look at that true chad
Person 2: What a kind hearted, happy man
by kakapoopooaccount August 03, 2020

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A platform for dweebs and/or children to practice useful real world skills.
Steven: Wanna go out?
Dweeb: No, i'm gonna livestream Osu!
Steven: What for?
Dweeb: Heh...*le closes all crunchy roll tabs* a skill i can only show m'ladies ;3
by kakapoopooaccount December 07, 2018

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When you marry someone to make a political statement first, love second.

GGenes is to be used BOTH to conservatives and liberals.
Larry: Why did John leave Lingling to marry his 2nd cousin?
Mohammed: GGenes

Charlotte: Josefine is dating Ahmed because she said the west steals everything.
Aliyah: GGenes
by kakapoopooaccount December 24, 2020

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Sharing the source material of nsfw content
Person A: Sittin here with my dry fry, can someone pass the sauce?
Person B: *Source*
by kakapoopooaccount August 07, 2020

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What young people type on their expensive iPhone/Galaxy to maintain social approval
Elon sold 500,000 new Teslas this year, one of the biggest contributors to end global warming

Young person: Cobalt child labour, Eat The Rich

Tesla announced to stop using cobalt while all other car companies continue cobalt use

Young person: Emerald mine, Eat The Rich

News sources find no evidence of Elon’s dad owning an emerald mine

Young person: Shut the fuck up Elon, Eat the rich
by kakapoopooaccount April 04, 2021

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The daily prayer for young people who set their location as a gender.

Statement is made when something threatens their identity. Such as a wealthy person sharing memes, in their view wealthy people aren’t allowed because of their background.

Very often these Individuals haven’t learnt of their own history nor understand how economics works, thus the daily bark at the wealthy on a free app.
Elon shared a meme

A teen/young adult: Shut the fuck up Elon or Shut Up Elon
by kakapoopooaccount April 04, 2021

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A person’s progress from last year to today. Talk about health/wealth/goodness.

Daily fluctuation of emotions/wealth/etc is often told from “how are you”.

Comes from the word ‘increase’ in Latin
Sven: How’s your cres?
Thrane: Since last year? Fantastic. I make a lot more money today but run less than I did, will think about running more.

Cecile: Frederik seems cresant.
Simone: He definitely grew well.
by kakapoopooaccount January 17, 2021

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