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when u have to take a shit so bad that it is popping in and out of ur ass like a turtle's head
Mom, stop the car I have a turtlehead!
by kAELA November 12, 2003

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One who diddles monkeys.
monkey diddler
by kAELA November 17, 2003

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a little peice of poop in your ass that WILLNOT came out, despite how hard u push.
Oh dude, I had the biggest willnot today
by kAELA November 12, 2003

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to slerb is to shove food into mouth excessively or otherwise...INHALE. anything can be slerbbed. if you see someone slerbing...make it clear to them what they are doing. the slurping of food..not beverage.
Stop slerbbing on that sandwich you stupid chob!!

The fat kid began to slerb his food.

The MacKenzie slerbbed on his sandwich..so i punched him...the damn chob.
by Kaela October 16, 2004

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an evilpoonani is a sexy man beast...it origionated from alina
(imagine in a prep's voice) omg he is suuch an evilpoonani!!!! omg omg omg!!!
by Kaela May 17, 2004

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pornography thats boring...yeah
omg this is such borography!!
by Kaela May 17, 2004

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taint, or small space of skin between the rectum and the ball sack.
Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa reports:
"Diane, in a recent skiing accident,local pin-head, James R. Travis, fell on the bindings of his skiis, only to land on his "slim bavis" and nearly rip himself a new asshole. Back to you, Tom and Diane"
by Kaela October 13, 2003

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