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A rock band that is signed by a christian based recording company, although not a christain rock band themselves.

Consists of three brothers: Pete Loeffler(vocals/guitar), Joe Loeffler(bass), and Sam Loeffler(drums)

i personally, love this band
by just some girl March 25, 2005

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the confucius of this century to many teens. Can be located in the following mall stores: Spencers, spencer gifts, hot topic, claires, etc.

A "bunny" (rabbit), which declares negative statements while remaining in the utmost sincere attitude.
Most commonly known phrases by happy bunny:
"I hate everything"
"I'll be nicer when you're smarter"
"Cute but psycho, things evn out"
"Cute but eveil"
"I'm not listening"
"It's cute how stupid you are"
"I love boys, they're stupid"

Is spying on someone that bad? i mean, they're in your thoughts; you're in their bushes...
by just some girl March 25, 2005

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a mostly r to x rated store, found at the mall, which also has a variety of other things... such as belts, chains, some stuff from hot topic, happy bunny items, T-shirts, drumsticks, weird crystal balls, glow in the dark shit, etc.

not a great store to take ur 10 year old kid to
guy: lets go to spencers to buy some flavored condoms
g/f: yea... lets...

some kid: hey, lets go to get those awesomely cool led zepplin drumsticks from spencers...
other kid: no way, the guns and roses drumsticks are better...
by just some girl March 25, 2005

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one of the best "news" shows ever. John Stewart is the host. Main subjects are controversial politics and pop culture. Very witty and very entertaining. 4.95 out of 5 stars ****.++
Airs on comedy central,
Mon. thru Thurs. at 11PM/10C
by just some girl March 25, 2005

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