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Anything shiny/glowy/pretty that seems to attract the "differently abled" from miles around.
Made of shiny chrome and spewing sweet smelling soda the fountain was just about the perfect tard magnet.
by joskarith November 11, 2004
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The short stub of the penis that actually makes it outside the body when an obese man gets an erection.
Hardon? Lardon more like...
by joskarith November 15, 2004
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When a situation goes beyond the humorously wrong. Comes from a millitary term to describe the fact that soldiers under fire tend to cluster together for moral support, making them easier to hit.
We popped the flare and started shhoting. True to form they all bunched up in the ditch - your typical cluster fuck. One grenade later and it was all over...
by joskarith November 11, 2004
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