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Getting "Laid Off" is similar to getting Laid,

only with neither the lubrication or the enjoyment, and penetration occurs in other than the preferred orifice. Also known as occupational sodomy.
"In part due to the occupational sodomy scheduled the following week to be inflicted upon the backbone of the company (otherwise known as the workforce); Dick and Jane threw caution to the wind and performed rectal fornication on the center of the President's Desk, thereby getting laid immediately prior to getting 'laid off', moreover; achieving the added bonus of spewing onto the company's errant balance sheet a copious amount of chocolatey chocolate chip cocksnot out of the shitty end of the fuckstick of Dick".
by jon_public November 10, 2009
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Technique during Fellatio whereby giver does the following:

1. Use head thrusting to completely envelope entire penis.
2. Giver uses nose to draw imaginary figure 8's in pubic area.

The result is extreme pleasure for the receiver via extreme stimulation of the entire penile crown, unattainable by simply head thrusting alone. (Chicken Necking)

Can probably also be done during irrumatio, if both giver and receiver are well attuned to each other.
I sure wish those american sextard bitches (ASB) knew how to do those Divine Eights that the East European and Russian goddesses are so proficient at. It's bad enough the ASB don't know or understand or are even willing to learn ESO, Tantrism or any of the other 'highly skilled techniques'; The ASB don't even know the basics of Fellatio such as Divine Eights!@$% I don't know why I waste my time giving them Venus Butterfly or even erotic massage. Sheesh!
by jon_public May 12, 2010
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The smegma found underneath the bottom fold of the unclean titties of some stank bee-atch, due to either excessive "lack of hygiene" or "light of day".

Also known as formunda butter fromunda butter titguini alfredo, milkstrosity, titscrement

- this extreme funk is at the same level of "Eeeeuuwww" as is twattage cheese sphincter cheese dick cheese penis butter Dinguini ragamuffin
After a one course meal of her Menstrual Meatballs sautéed in her thick and creamy Bloodclot Bouillabaise, and when you're finally washin' her twattage cheese outta your piehole, you'll fondly long for the day when she simply let you tongue on her udder butter.
by jon_public September 3, 2009
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