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The sexual act in which the male bangs the female in the doggie-style position and upon ejactulation, releases his semen between her butt cheeks and mashes them together, thus creating a medley resembling that of a mayonnaise sandwich.
That bitch didn't want me to cum on her face, so I gave her a mayonnaise sandwich
by jjj December 20, 2004
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A sexual contraption resembling a swing with straps, the woman is secured to it in a spread-eagle position. This enables the man an increased range of motion and positions during sexual intercourse, as well the weight support provided by the Basket itself. The term is derived from a crude verson of the Basket--it may have possibly been invented in Vietnam, but adding on the "Vietnamese" to the term just makes it sound funnier.
I put her in the Vietnamese Fuck Basket the other night, I railed her into utopia in that fucking thing.

One time I fucked her so hard in that Vietnamese Fuck Basket that the swing fell out of the cieling, and my cock just tore into her ass. Anal, baby...anal.
by jjj August 29, 2005
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A form of nuthuggery in which the nuthugger exchanges her grip on reality for an even tighter grip on a pair of nuts; the resulting effect being that without any concept of reality, dignity, or self-confidence, she is walked all over by the object of her nuthuggery and those around her who are disgusted by her nuthuggery.
This nuthugging nuthugger has become a fucking doormat! She lets me do anything, and then buys me food! It's still pretty weird, but the free food and blowjobs are nice. Not to mention it's pretty funny when my friends make fun of her right before she blows me.
by jjj March 25, 2005
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fuck two or several times
I've fucked fucked...
by jjj August 30, 2004
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