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1) having been busted by the police or other authority for usually small incidents ie parties.

word comes from: the cops "rolled" (in thier cars/motorcycle) up and proceded to enforce the law.

2) past tense of creating a joint
We got rolled at the park for smoking our weed that we just rolled.
by jinx April 25, 2003

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A racist term to describe middle eastern people (arabs, lebs etc).
These sandmonkey's are trying to take over the world and are pissing us off.
by JinX August 30, 2004

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Shut The Fuck

To shut the fuck.
<argv0> hey marlon i have the best story 4 u !
<marlon> stf.
by Jinx June 12, 2004

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1. Vaginal opening
2. Oral opening of slutty female
Shut your sausage cubby, bitch.
by jinx September 12, 2003

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1. Australian made midsize sedan, also the base for the new Pontiac GTO
People say the new GTO is crap, but it is true to its roots: a sports car based on an existing car(new - monaro, old - tempest)
by Jinx December 01, 2004

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cialist (sha-list)

Slang. Groovy, Cool.
Gaby lived on a Kibbutz, that's so cialist!
by Jinx July 03, 2004

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Hard nipples from cold temperatures. Abbreviated to 'chronics'.
"Geez, its so cold, I've got chronics!"
by Jinx May 01, 2003

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