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A fun way to state that something or someone is severely screwed and/or fucked. Inspired by the name Scrooge McDuck from the 90s cartoon Duck Tales.
- "they only take cash"
- "all i have is plastic"
- "the atm is out of order"
- "shit, we are screwed mcfucked"
by jibo March 15, 2007

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The tru NBA MVP of 2K6, Dirk Nowitzki, # 41, of the Dallas Mavericks
they gave the MVP to who? To Stevie Wonder Nash? Again? Over DN41 and KB8? That's fucked up.
by jibo May 03, 2006

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total bullshit. most americans know the atlanta-based cable network TBS, and that it was formerly called Superstation TBS. instead of using the acronym for Total BullShit, TBS, one can say 'superstation' instead.
say you're playing call of duty and someone kills you from the other side of the map with a single bullet to the head from a thompson, you might exclaim, "that's fucking superstation."
by jibo March 15, 2007

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adjective used to describe when something is dope
Yo, that ride was chillin
by jibo May 20, 2005

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a faggot-ass wannabe cool guy who probably lives in a yuppie suburb.
"hey, what's up broham. check out my cool shirt broham. wanna go for a ride in my lame H3 broham?"
by jibo May 03, 2006

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