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A nice large booger that covers over the entire fingertip (once it is picked) on all sides forming this unique and rare phenomenom.

Jason picked a massive booger cape and smeared it on Judy's sleeve.
by JHop April 05, 2009
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A male who has craves having sex with multiple skanks, whores, and sluts and no one else. So much so that he can't control himself, nor could he obtain a normal woman if he wanted to.
Bob: "You see that skankophile talking to that dirty whore at the end of the bar?"

Pete: "Yeah, he was here lastnight sucking face with a different fat bitch just lastnight!"

Bob: "What a douchebag. He's probably got 20 different STD's by now."
by JHop February 11, 2008
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(n) slang word for cocaine in the powder form. Likely derived from the combination of the words "sniff" and "shit."
Yo let's get some more of that schnit!
by JHop May 13, 2008
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a homosexual person or action that is so openly gay and disgusting, it's both gay and nasty.
Two guys kissing each other at the bar in public would be deemed fagnasty.

or used in context:

Joe: "You see that 300 lb fag wearing a thong over there holding hands with that other dude?"

Jeff: "Yeah that's totally fagnasty!"

Fagnasty can also be used as an insult for extra emphasis:

"Get the fuck out of my way you fagnasty faggot!"
by JHop February 14, 2008
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A nickname for a person who is pledging a fraternity or sorrority.
fraternity brother: "Hey Plebe, get the fuck over here and fill my beer!"

plebe: "Yes sir, I would be delighted to!"

fraternity brother: "Now drop and give me 20!"
by JHop February 11, 2008
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