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A convertion from the word ragga-muffin, (relating to a particular follower of ragga music style) but altered slightly to utilise the insulting word slag.
Used mainly as a word to describe when something has not gone the way planned, not directed at anyone but themselves.
For instance a reaction to be said after missing a pool shot or spliing an alcoholic drink.
by jgk232 March 3, 2005
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To describe the reverse side of the human body, in relation to sexual activity, i.e anal sex
Wendy loves nothing more than to be flipped over and played on the b-side!
by jgk232 March 3, 2005
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To imply that the bed or work bench is the apparatus used for grinding and plaining off members of the opposite sex within ones sexual workshop
'Thats the workbench, where I plain my bitch off regularly'
by jgk232 March 3, 2005
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A description of anal sex, which has links with the west country region of the United Kingdom.
Can also be used when being downgrading to certain induviduals.
Last night Brenada was so horny that she made me flip her over and take her up the wrong'un!
He's so ugly I think he must of been conceived up the wrong'un!
by jgk232 March 3, 2005
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