4 definitions by jdizzle

Used to describe a loud sound, and sometimes the impact of something creating a loud noise.
Yo I capped that nizzle like "FAH-WOP"
by jdizzle July 1, 2003
Slang term for teh center of the interweb universe. See: NASIOC.
"there's a nice set of knobs for sale on nabisco's classifieds!"
by jdizzle December 3, 2004
a word used by a select white people in a way to make fun of negros, but also reiterating how money , definition 4 part 2, something is
yo dat tee is money and tre quotas
by jdizzle October 4, 2004
You Cant Play The Playa
an elite group of pimp girls at woodson
invitation only
The YCPTP is in the process of their 2005 Scavenger Hunt followed by a kickass party.
by jdizzle January 9, 2005