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Former #2 pick of the 2014 NBA Draft. Was certainly supposed to become one of the greatest players to rise in the NBA. Unfortunately, an injury plagued stint with the Milwaukee Bucks presented itself as an obstacle in Parker's career. Despite the hardships Jabari has endured, he's still a lethal offensive force on the floor and still has plenty of time to rise back up to his potential.

Off the court, he is known to be a devout member of the LDS Church (Mormon) and definitely applies the principles he was taught from his faith through his humility and selflessness. He broke the hearts of many LDS people when he chose to forego his missionary service and later chose to commit to Duke over BYU. FYI, he was never obligated to attend BYU simply because of his religion.
Jabari Parker is basically Derrick Rose 2.0. If Derrick Rose can bounce back from injuries, Jabari Parker sure can, especially since those two grew up from the same neighborhood.
by jc4493 November 08, 2019

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Used to be the greatest joke to ever come to the NFL until Antonio Brown destroyed his own football career. Now he ranks #2 among NFL losers. Thinks he's a vocal hero to the black community for disrespecting the country that has paid him millions upon millions of dollars to play football. Says that America is a racist country yet hails Fidel Castro as a Cuban hero and continues to concoct bullshit ways to look like he is trying to return to the NFL when in reality, he just wants his name returning to national headlines. When team managements express a glimpse of interest in this bum, he shoots their offers down because it's not exactly what he wants.

If he really wanted to return to being an American football player, he would be proud to be an American and he would accept any offer from the NFL. Since neither applies to him, he's just an attention-seeking hypocritical dumpster fire of a loser and a bum and he always will be until he realizes the error of his ways and apologizes for the disruption he caused in the football world.
Colin Kaepernick will never play another NFL game again.
by jc4493 November 18, 2019

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Star basketball player for the Houston Rockets. Also known as the guy in the NBA with that outrageous beard. Until this dude can play defense and lead the Rockets to a championship, he'll never be on the same level as Hakeem's greatness and never on the same level as Yao's wisdom.
I could trust James Harden when the ball is in his hand. Can't say the same thing when he's on the other end of the court.
by jc4493 September 01, 2020

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Derogatory term for NBA superstar LeBron James when he goes complete SJW mode and starts publicly spewing false racial narratives about suppression in America and yet won't go off on China for their actual suppression of their own people. Why?! Because he and the rest of the league are sucking the Chinese government tits that have now become their primary financial support from a business standpoint. The NBA will never begin recovery until this bum retires!
Here's LeWoke James telling the public how black people are being hunted by cops on a daily basis. With that statement, any blood that is shed from a cop being hunted by a black will be on his hands.
by jc4493 March 11, 2021

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The government's excuse to have power over its people. The explanation that mandatory quarantining was for our health was what they wanted everybody to believe but instead it was just a ploy to have everybody fear for their lives over something with over a 99% survival rate, therefore, winning the government control. This will go down as the biggest hoax in the history of the world.
I lost my job
I lost my home
At least I survived the corona virus with a survival rate of over 99%
by jc4493 May 27, 2020

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