4 definitions by jasonk123

To penetrate a girl in as many ways possible (Up to 10, Vagina, Anus, mouth, both nostrils, both eyesockets, both ears, and the belly button if you push hard enough)
Maximum Penetration has only been attempted 17 times.
There have been no survivors.
by jasonk123 January 29, 2006
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To suddenly cut off someone by using obscenities in the middle of a converstation
1"Hey man"
1"Whats up broham?"
2"Not much"
1"Did you see the game last night"

(Person 1 experienced a hardcore cutoff.)
by jasonk123 January 15, 2006
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To masterbate oneself with hooks.
Damn, I have no hands, so I have to yank off with hooks! I call it Hook Masterbation.
by jasonk123 January 15, 2006
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When someone says something so disgusting and mind-bending, you feel like momentarily killing yourself.
Lets say your sitting at your desk working on your computer, and your mom suddenly walks in and RIPS open your peehole.

Yes, you just experienced thought pain.
by jasonk123 January 15, 2006
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