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We created our institutions and morals. So, they are not real. Read more on this please, it will enlighten you.
The Nihilist obvserved that without good there is no evil.
by Jarrett May 30, 2003

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The act of watching family members engage in sexual activity and finding it arousing.
The video of these two lesbian twins eating eachother out is incesteresting.
by Jarrett December 01, 2004

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A lifestyle typically seen in early man and all animals. Somewhere along the line man decided he needed someone to take care of him. Freedom and power are an illusion.
Anarchy should not be a marketing tool.
by Jarrett May 30, 2003

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originates in the jewish ghetto, having extreme attractiveness (sexually)
anna levinson is extremley spicy hot
by jarrett February 07, 2005

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One who uses numerous paragraphs to get across a point that could easily be made more concise.
Man, that TurboFool post was so long, I didn't even bother to read it.
by Jarrett September 25, 2003

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plan; agenda;
So what's the carsporosive for Friday night?
by Jarrett October 22, 2003

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an adjective, used to describe something of horrible taste or smell, as iff you had ass in your teeth.
"man, that 6 week old coleslaw is assinteeth!"
by Jarrett October 07, 2003

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