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Not only is he the coolest guy ever to live, but also he is the creator of the hit wrestling move, 619. he was known to be the greatest Cruiser wieght champion of all time. Know it or not, Rey is like a high leaping forg, mess with him he will fuck you up!
Who's that jumping out the sky R-E-Y
Mysterio.....here we go.
When the mask's out the girls they pass out.
The boys just black out better tap out!
Go.....off the top rope so look out below.
And the next thing you know you be on the floor.
What you gonna do when your on ya back.
From a mean body slam ah damn ya wack!
You like, what the heck, all of a sudden this dude sittin' on my neck
Where's the ref?
Straight from the WWE.
Know how much trouble you see, when you face the man of mystery?
Flippin' and spinnin' and doing it fast.
You can't remove the mask
why?.....coz he's kickin' your ass!
by James franks the 3rd January 30, 2005
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Now she will stitch your blanket if you give her a bath, and she loves to eat frozen pizza,and every now and then she goes out side and talks to herself on thje swing set, and yells, "Loud noises,lets be loud,wooooooooooooo".
Daphie: we should smack the mail man

Clara: you mean like Darlita did, that bitch is crazy!

Daphnie: hell i think Darlita killed that fucking mail man!
by James franks the 3rd January 30, 2005
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Reapel is to describe invidual people with great potential, such as being a master in martial arts or being able to know how to do gymnastics. Basically any special talent that can shock many people.
"ah, sir you fight well...say are you a reapel"

"let me show you!"
by James Franks the 3rd October 13, 2006
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he died in 1986, he is still alive in my tits, why wont you bark the dog todd,well when will you be done doing the laundry john cena, back off my cat Kurt Angle,oh so thats why my boots are cold and you are way too affraid for my plate job action figure!!!
god: you know what i am sick of you chet

chet: i like Plate jobz

God:just go to hell already

Chet:george straight is my hero

God:ok chet gadarick, its hell fo you!


Satan: chet bawl to me

Chet: i love you dad

Satan: what fool

Chet: can i scrape your wallet

Satan: god your annoying, your going back on earth!


Chet: what am i going to do now

Mr.Zimmermann: what are you doing chet. we dont do that here! so get over it!
by james franks the 3rd February 26, 2005
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Old man who i saw on TV, but forgot his name, so i call him grandpa, anyways he is cooltits, and he loves hookers. so why not get down with this old fuck!
Ladies and gentlemen, i give you Mr.Vandyke, fuck with him and you'll have a shoe in your ass, and i won't tak you ice fishing!
by James franks the 3rd January 30, 2005
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He is the founding last super hero of our time! He plays golf with freckled kids! He likes to Break Bread and go Water Fishing! His powers are dance to Techno music with hot chicks! He then Cleans his fridge with Fabric softner and yells at crocidiles because they have too much teeth and never see the dentist!
Little Boy: oh my god some buddy kill me!

Captain Douche Bag: how about no dumass! maybe you should be happy fuck face!

Little Boy: why captain douche bag no one likes me!

Captain Douche Bag: cause your a pussy!

Little Boy: im really sorry sir! i promise to stop wetting the bed!

Captain Douche Bag: good now go protect the planet from Beastiality Porn!!!


Captain Douche Bag is a fucking guy with a mask!
He'll eat the rest of the Steak Sauce!
Then he will cry you nothing cause you suck!
Watch out its Captain Douche Bag!

Captain Douche Bag is a fucking guy with a cape!
He'll do back flips on chicken tenders from Hot'n Now!
Then he will pee on your bed blaming it on you!!!
Watch out its Captain Douche Bag!

Kids: We love Captain Douche Bag!! YAY!!!!!!

Captain Douche Bag is a fucking hero with Attitude!!!
He'll race you to the Laundry Mat!! And wash his clothes!
Then he will burn the Kmart store down! cause it sucks!!!
Watch out its Captain Douche Bag!

Watch out its Captain Douche Bag!
Watch out its Captain Douche Bag!
Watch out its Captain Douche Bag!
by james franks the 3rd October 30, 2005
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He loves to pick on salad, and cry wolf everytime RJ Lee picks up the Royce Clayton album, whick feeds of on dead diareha.
holly kunucker fruits, that guy is Gloyce Mackana, i hope he spanks my drummer boy.
by James franks the 3rd January 13, 2005
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