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A political party that tries to push its Christian beliefs onto the American people, even though we have a sepaation of church and state.

Furthemore, they support war without knowing all the facts, which cost innocent lives in the process.
You can recommend this for deletion all you want, but whichever way you look at it, the repubicans are bigots, and homophobes, and war hungry people.

Unless that's the kind of thing you like.
by jacksonville October 05, 2004

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Evidence of the racist double standard in the United States, where black people are allowed to proclaim "Black Pride," and yet white people are not, for they are slammed as just another KKK member for saying "white pride."

Why is pride for your own race *not* racist because you are black, is we are trying to preach equality?
"Black Pride"

Yeah, White Pride!

Whoa! No, that's racist crackkker!

Why can you shout black pride, but I can't shout white pride? Why do you have a racist advantage!?
by jacksonville July 12, 2004

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A right-wing conservative christian political party in Australia. They are open about forcing christianity onto every citizen, and expect everyone to obey jesus christ.

They are quite open in their bigotry and homophobia, refusing to align with homosexuals at all, and vote according to what their god tells them to, despite the fact Australia has a freddom of religion clause in the constitution.
Guy: Hey, I'm a gay man who likes to think for myself and believe in science.
Family First: Sinner! You sinner! You're going to hell! But first we'll make sure you have no rights, blashpemer! Heathen! You'll burn on earth before you burn in hell! How dare you no believe in my jesus! Who do you think you are having your own beliefs?! How dare you expect to believe what you want! You don't have that right and we'll force jesus on you!!!
by Jacksonville June 28, 2006

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A black racist commedian, who loves to label whites as racist, yet demonstrates just as much racism, hatred and bigotry against whites.
These crackers are racist!

You're a racist!

Go home, cracker whiteboy.
by jacksonville September 15, 2004

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