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magic brownies. Gets its name from the T9 texting function. I tried texting my friend to tell him I had made some, but it came up as crownids.
"Yo, you wanna eat some crownids tonight?"
"What the fuck is a crownid?
by Jack324 May 23, 2007

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Abbreviation for King's Cross, Sydney, which is a red light district near Sydney's downtown area. While it is known for its strip clubs, streetwalkers and brothels, it is also home to many popular bars and nightclubs. The major landmark of King's Cross is a large, iconic neon Coca Cola sign that overlooks William St.

Walking through the Cross at night, most people are either completely fubared, or they're making transactions involving sex, drugs or kebabs.
"I was wandering through the X at 3AM last Friday, munted off my face, when some guy kept pestering me to go into his strip club. After I'd told him I wasn't interested for the 17th time, he asked if I wanted a kebab instead"
by Jack324 May 14, 2009

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drug deals, not just pickles.
"Yo, my boy's down in Brooklyn makin' some dills, so we should have mad money for the club tonight."
by Jack324 February 06, 2007

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What you do with a bagel.
"I'm hungry."
"You should go finagle a bagel!"
"Good call, brosef!"
by Jack324 September 25, 2007

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Someone who is half-Jewish; a combination of the words Jew and goy.
"Hey Mark, did you ever have a Bar Mitzvah?"
"No. I'm not that religious; I'm actually a Joy."
by Jack324 March 18, 2008

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