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A warning signal which is made by placing a sock over the doorknob of a bedroom door. This signifies to a roommate that you are inside the bedroom, engaged in sexual behavior.
I was headed into my bedroom to grab my wallet, but I stopped when I saw the doorsock and I knew my roommate was inside banging his girlfriend.
by itfitz April 01, 2006

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Mind-altering drug mentioned in Donald Fagen's song "Brite Nitegown" on his 2006 CD, "Morph the Cat."

(The "fella with the Brite Nitegown" refers to a statement from W.C. Fields -- he liked to refer to Death as "the fellow in the bright nightgown.")
Ten milligrams of Chronax
Will whip you back through time
Past Hebrew kings - and furry things
To the birth of humankind
I shared in all of nature's secrets
But when I finally came around
I'm sittin' on the rug gettin' a victory hug
From the fella in the brite Brite Nitegown
by itfitz March 30, 2006

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Holidays which center around lots of eating as part of the celebration. (Plural of feastivity.)
Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two most-popular feastivities.
by itfitz November 12, 2008

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A combination of the words "feast" and "festivity." A celebration which involves plenty of eating. (Plural is feastivities.)
Thanksgiving is the most-popular feastivity in the entire year.
by itfitz November 12, 2008

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