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A console Flight/Action game based on fictional events with mainly real world military aircraft, with some exceptions. The stories revolve around usually a main protaganist which the player assumes control of, and, in later games, his wingman/men. The player starts of with low tech and basic fighters, but after advancing in the game, unlocks more planes which he/she can purchase, along with special weapons. The events of Ace Combat are set on the real world calender, and some missions have historiical date references (i.e. the Belkan Nuclear Bombing on June 6th 1995, or D-Day). Most often the charecter is portrayed as a rookie, even though within 5 missions you're slapping everyone's face and smacking down planes and targets left and right. For some unknown reason, Namco/Bandai games thought it would be a good idea to make Ace Combat 6, the most recent as of date, available only for the Xbox 360, which was a bad move on their part, instead of Playstation only. God forbid they do two launches, so I say thank you Namco/Bandai, for stabbing all your loayal players in the back. Enjoy your sage.
Me: Yeah I would love to play Ace Combat 6, except its for Xbox 360 and I'm not about to go buy another console just to play it.
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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Ace Combat 3 is perhapes the most contraversial Ace Combat game in the series. it is the first game in the series to feature all original aircraft either inspired by real world air craft, or made-up all together.

Real: F-16C Fighting Falcon
Inspired: F-16XF Gyrafalcon
Fiction: R-102 Delphius II

Ace Combat 3 is also the first in the line which allows you to view 360 degrees from all angles around or in your plane. Also it is the first to include Stratosphere and Low Space combat outside earth's Gravity Well. The Japanese version of this game is contained on two discs with an animated story line and full voice audio, but the English Version is one disc and contains no voice audio excep for the computer telling you what you're doing. Even cut scenes have no voice audio. A older but disapointing game for PS1, still good for the die hard fan.
Me: Damn, I wish they would remake Ace Combat 3 and dub it over. It would sell out in no time.
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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A state-of-the-art Russian fighter aircraft. Called the "Terminator" by NATO, this aircraft is on par with most other air-superiority fighters. Some say it is the best, but due to the fact only a few have actually been made, I laugh at this. I'll agree it can MATCH the F-22 Raptor, but the pilot makes up the rest. The Terminator is equiped with thrust vectoring and equal standardized elevators and cardans, meaning they move in opposite directions to turn the craft faster. However, this tecnology is also found on the F-22 and Su-27.
The Su-37 may be on Ace Combat, but I preffer the F-22, as it has stealth :D
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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The Burning (God in Japanese version) Gundam's primary special move. Signified by a orange/yellow glowing hand, and a aura emiting from the wings when spread out. The chest plate also opens to reveal some sort of energy multiplyer, cockpit, imaging device, or a combination of the three. The attack is executed by either grabing the opponents face and crushing it, or literally ramming the hand into a part of the torso (the stomach). This is usually, but not always, followed by the words "Heat End" producing an explosion which destroys the entire opponent. Several other attacks are used in combination including Erupting Burning Sekiha Tenyoken (energy ball sort of like a Kamayamaya wave and performed in the same fashion).
"This hand of mine is burning red! It's loud roar tells me to grasp victory! Here I go! Erupting Burning FINGER!"
After impalement, the opponent is hoisted into the air.
"And now...HEAT END!"
*Explosion and removal of extremities from opponent*
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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Ace Combat Zero is a prequal to Ace Combat 5. It centers around a mercenary group from Ustio, Galm Team. Galm Team consits of the main protaganist, Ciper (literally Zero in Japanese) and his wingman Solo Wing Pixy (Pixy for short). Ciper and Pixy are hired on as Ustio mercenaries and are a key asset in driving back the Belkans who invaded their nieghbors. Ciper and his wingman must take on Belkan Aces in all shapes and sizes. The game is narrorated from third-person by some journalist who also interviews the aces you fight with. There are many ways to end the game, and unlike Ace Combat 5, you can pick your special weapon. The game ends with you succesfully stopping the terrorist organization 'A World With No Boundries".
Me: Ace Combat Zero is awesome...but way too short.
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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A mobile suit from the CE timeline of Gundam SEED and continued in Gundam SEED Destiny and piloted by Kira Yamato (aka Jesus Yamato). The Freedom Gundam (Freedom for short) is a nuclear powered, heavy artillery mobile suit consisting primarily of longer ranged weapons, including a beam rifle and two beam cannons. The Freedom is destroyed in combat by Shinn Asuka's Impulse Gundam in episode 34 of SEED Destiny.
Kira: Shit I lost my Freedom Gundam
Me: Don't worry, you'll get a better one within a few episodes.
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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Ace Combat 4 is the obviously the fourth installment in the AC series. It is the first in the series to introduce full and clean 3D rendering of real-world aircraft, excluding one example. Ace Combat 4 is set around a rookie pilot with the call-sign Mobius 1. He quickly becomes a Ribbon (ace) by Mission 8 (signified by a radio transmission after scoring a hit on one of the Yellow Squadron memebers). Mobius 1 also single handedly takes out Stonehenge (an anti-asteroid artillery battery), Yellow Squadron, and Megalith (a gigantic anti-asteroid missile launch facility). A few quirks arosed in this game including the missile tracking system and range problems (i.e. made-up distances).
Ace Combat 4 is a damn good game...when it first came out.
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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