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Also called the "Terminator", it is indeed a terminator. The Su-37 is a highly advanced Russian aircraft, also the largest threat Russia poses to the rest of the world, as it could take down any other aircraft, can be modded for carriers. Three prototypes were made, one crashed, and the two others were made into Su-35 "Super Flankers". With Thrust Vectoring, 15 degrees in any direction, and canards, it is by far the worlds most manuverable fighter aircraft. With highly advanced avionics, rear facing radar, and a MASSIVE weapon load, the Su-37, sometimes called just the "37" can fire rear facing missiles, and has 14 hardpoints (places you can put weapons). Made famous by the popular game, "Ace Combat" in Ace Combat 04, the 37 is better then everyother plane except the X-02.
I was flying my F-15C Eagle and I got an Su-37 on my radar, I tired to evade it, but my far less superior Eagle was no match for the Su-37 and I got shot down within 1 minute.
by Minority September 22, 2006
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An advanced aircraft used by the Russian army. Still in development, but several prototypes have been made. Production is scheduled to begin sometime within the next year or so, so if we become allies with Russia, lord help anyone who goes to war with us. On Ace Combat 4, the BEST and FASTEST plane on the ENTIRE GAME.
On Ace Combat, I can fly an SU-37 quite well.
by Scott Curtis February 08, 2004
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A state-of-the-art Russian fighter aircraft. Called the "Terminator" by NATO, this aircraft is on par with most other air-superiority fighters. Some say it is the best, but due to the fact only a few have actually been made, I laugh at this. I'll agree it can MATCH the F-22 Raptor, but the pilot makes up the rest. The Terminator is equiped with thrust vectoring and equal standardized elevators and cardans, meaning they move in opposite directions to turn the craft faster. However, this tecnology is also found on the F-22 and Su-27.
The Su-37 may be on Ace Combat, but I preffer the F-22, as it has stealth :D
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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