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It is a sexual act, involving at least 6 people for best results. The ideal's would be to get 3 beds, 3 girls bent over on the beds and 3 guys taking them from behind... using an egg timer each guy gets 3 minutes with the girl, after said time everyone switches around which is known as the round robin...
A: How did you and dave get on with those 2 girls last night?

B: Oh man, it was crazy we went back to their flat, and had some round robin action with their roommates...!
by iKielo1 January 30, 2009

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Delicious gummy bears, sweets or any type of jelly.

Kids and grown ups alike are fond of these sweets... and most cannot resist eating packets once opened.
Eric: Hey got any haribo's?

Ste: Yeah here, work away...

Eric: I FRICKIN love haribo's!!!!
by iKielo1 January 23, 2009

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It's a system whereby you can subtly let your friends know your opinion on a girl's appearence
Shaun: Lisa was looking real good last night man.

Dave: I dunno man, She's a 15...

Shaun: A 15?

Dave: Like a 15 in Blackjack, you don't know whether you'd hit it or not... Blackjack Rating dude!

Shaun: LOL
by iKielo1 December 26, 2008

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It is a subtle way of indicating towards people of asian descent. They are secret ninjas.
Saying this means that they dont know you are calling them asians.
E: Hey bro, dont look now but there is a huge group of secret ninjas behind you

S: Damn man its like horishima up in this bitch
by iKielo1 February 02, 2009

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Much like a dilemma, you do not know whether to get a different computer or not due to the frustration at the crappyness of dell. So that's your "dellemma"
E: Hey bro, how's your new laptop going?

S: Ah man, never buy off dell again that's for sure... Im in such a dellemma!
by iKielo1 January 30, 2009

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A Tea Towel (or dish towel in america) is a small towel, used to clean up spills, take hot items out of the oven or to dry plates, forks and knives after washing them in the sink.

I bought a new tea towel today, it only cost $1.99 and it's really nice and absorbant! YAY
by iKielo1 January 30, 2009

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While playing PES and you are defending, if the attacking player is doing alot of moving randomly slide with your defender... in hope that the attacker stumbles into your path.

This is the preslide
I had skinned all his team, until the jerk got me with the last man preslide
by iKielo1 January 28, 2009

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