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The verb derived from the movie "Tommy Boy" with Chris Farley. It means to bend your door all the way the wrong way, just like Tommy in the movie.
"Chris backed in to that pole with his door open and tommy boyed it."
by iamright November 30, 2004
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a situation involving multiple exclamations of yar, boardering on or crossing into the field of very many yars.
"i'm glad we got out of there. those drunks were about to start a yarfest."


"watching Pirates Of The Carrabean is such a yarfest. i love that movie."
by iamright March 04, 2004
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of or pertaining to the exclamation yar. see also yarlike, yaresque, and yarfest.
person1: hahaha! that was so funny!
person2: yeah! it was totaly yarish!
by iamright March 04, 2004
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