A British author who is commonly know for exposing the reptilian bloodline that rules the world. To most of mainstream society he is known as a nut, loon, or just a conman. However, when you get to know his works you realize his theories are more documented, relevant, logical, and resourceful that what is commonly accepted as the truth.
Truther: David Icke is actually making alot of sense

Sheep: David Icke??!?!? I saw him on penn and teller he is totally mentally ill!
by Tim530 June 7, 2007
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A person who believes that Alien Lizards are taking over the Earth. He doesn't convincingly explain as to why they, with their presumably far superior power and technology don't take over 'Just Like That' and be done with it. Indeed these lizards must be mega-tolerant not to have eaten old Ickey alive already. I mean, what have they got to lose?
Thank God David Icke comes from Leicester. Just imagine the sort of mindless, evil, twaddle he'd be coming out with if he'd come from Manchester instead.
by jonimethfan October 29, 2011
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Snake Oil retailer and quack of the highest order. Hopes to use his charm and his derivative and extremely paranoid story about giant lizards to do an L.Ron Hubbard and start an incredibly profitable new cult/religion.

Meanwhile he does alright rinsing out all those same suckers who read the Celestine drivel, believe in the healing power of crystals and think the moon landings were faked, etc.
That David Icke is such a charming charlatan, but I preferred him when he was a goalkeeper.
by Joe D Berry January 28, 2007
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Former goalkeeper and sports commentator, turned controversial author, who is known for his conspiracy theories.

His most popular conspiracy is the Reptilian Shapeshifter conspiracy theory.

Icke explains in some of his books that ancient humans were hybridized with Reptilian dna, to a create a new hybrid species. These hybrids were the elitist/ruling class, and include the British Royal Family, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and many other royal bloodlines who possess immense wealth, power and influence.

Icke also explains that all ancient religions had some form of Serpent/Dragon God worship, and that modern religions are based on this.

Even the Bible speaks of the Nephilim (Sons of God) having children with the daughters of men, aka interbreeding.

These beings are supposedly from the Draco constellation, but could have evolved on Earth, or are even from another plane of existence (higher dimensions/Lower 4th Dimension).

Most brainwashed sheeple think David Icke is a nutter, or perhaps even a charlatan, however to those who are not subservient to Government, religion, or the Status Quo, Icke is perceived as an intelligent, 'woke' individual, who is actually here to help/enlighten us.

If you want to spot a reptilian, then look out for their signature tongue flick or roll to the side of their mouths. Prince Charles, Rami Malek, Michelle Obama, Ricky Whittle are a few people who do this. Use Youtube to see for yourselves.

Open you minds.
What book are you reading bro?

Just a book on all the different genders. My University friends suggested it to me.

Don't read that left wing trash. Read some David Icke books.
by SolEnlightened April 1, 2021
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