A car made by Pontiac from 1960 to 1977 similar to that of the Chevy Nova, Buick Skylark and Pontiac Lemans. Meaning, VERY SEXY!
"I used to drive a 1977 Pontiac Ventura! It was sexy."
by TOKEisthename May 20, 2010
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Ventura means "Life of joy". Comes from the Portuguese word "venturous", (High on life ). Can also figuratively mean: Pleasure
"a venturesome (ventura) journey", a pleasurable journey.
by Rarratoui October 30, 2009
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The only decent city in Ventura County, geared mostly towards the working class and beach bums alike. Ventura is packed with all the retail stores you could need and still has a functioning main street, a rarity in America these days. Ventura does not have a walmart (thank god) but does have a target, kmart, big lots, and pretty much any other superstore that isn't wal mart; including a mall, 3 theaters, and about 20 smoke shops.
Dude, you just kicked my bong and shattered it! Oh well, I'm sure one of the 20 bong shops in Ventura is having a sale..
by kakarotch August 30, 2007
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The humboldt of southern california. With more than half the county set as national forests more bulk herb comes out of here than anywhere else in southern california.
Damn man im so high i cant even open my eyes after a rip of that Ventura County Og
by Beverly42 April 13, 2010
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Ventura is usually a boy who is a whole ass baddie. Venturas usually like to do weird stuff like chewing on random things like a pen.
Nhi: "Ayo Alex here comes Ventura."
Alex: "Damn he's such a baddie"
by Definitely not Alex G February 10, 2021
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One of the shittier towns in Southern California. Has a beach and some commerce but for the most part is garbage. If your hobbies include walking around without a shirt on and/or being homeless than this is the hometown for you.
Reg- Hey how was your visit to the Pacific coast?
Sean- It started out great in Washington and Oregon, but once I got to Ventura it took a turn for the worse)
(Hunter arrives, who is a Ventura native)
Hunter- Yo bros anyone wanna scope out some single mothers on the beach?
Reg-....dude youre trash.
by David Swells December 12, 2012
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When someone farts in the car and the smell forces the driver to drive with his head out the window.
man you should have smelt this ace ventura john did last night.
by Vampyre January 24, 2004
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