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forkosh's newest move. its very powerfull. it puts the opponent face to face with death. when he lauches his fist it makes a energy wave strike trough the opponents brain and create an illusion as if they won the match and get to see the enemy die, but in reality they are killing themselves.
this move has no affect wat soever on luke. he is the only one that is immune to it.
thats it! take this!! Forkosh Gen MA KEN!!!!!
by i am zam April 13, 2003
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One of Lukareas newest move
its so powerfull to make a whole galaxy explode. iIf the move connect with the opponent, you are sent to a 3rd dimension that its almost impossible to climb out of. a mere deadly move

i am gonna finish you off with my Galaxian Explosion!
by i am zam March 11, 2003
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zams pal
the forkosh is lethal
his moves are tremendous, but no match for the zam
zam trained the forkosh
forkosh became a forkosherea
zam must protect the forkosh!
the forkosh is evil

by i am zam February 16, 2003
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Lukarea's most viscious move. it is performed by powering up beyond super saiyan 15 and making his hands grow to giant size forming a sledge hammer like shape and splatting his opponent to microscopic peices. zam has no way in hell to survive it.
holy shit! lukarea is about to hit me with the NASH SMASH! im done for sure now!! watta fukk am i suppsoed to do!!!! forkosh help me!!!!!

OUCH!!! i am dead
luke is so strong he is like a god.
by i am zam April 15, 2003
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he is not real i am zam THE REAL ZAM!!!!!!!!!!!!: is just a fake

and zam is not orange but he is red!
MOROT i am zam not u THE REAL ZAM!!!!!!!!!!!!: is a faker i am a shikoty shanker zimothy zmaster lover and hater i am an all out player!
by i am zam March 31, 2003
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